A variety of cookery and practical skills classes varying from a few hours to a whole day are available for anyone aged 16 years or more. Individuals are welcome and guaranteed to feel they are amongst friends. A group booking of at least 6 provides an ideal opportunity for a bespoke event to celebrate a special occasion or for a friends ‘get together’! Additionally we can offer corporate days by special arrangement.

Toni Bartholdi is a trained Thermomix Advisor and holds regular free of charge demonstrations on this leading kitchen appliance at the school. See ‘more details’.

  • The class size is normally limited to six people to ensure that everyone receives plenty of practical guidance with all equipment, aprons and food ingredients provided by the school.
  • We start all classes with refreshments, a few formalities and a brief group chat to become acquainted.
  • On a shorter class if time allows guests cook what they have made and eat it at the school or they have the option of taking it home. On a whole day class we stop for a light lunch which may be something we prepared that day or perhaps a dish that was cooked earlier.
  • Guests are shown at each stage of a recipe how to do something and then with guidance they practice that skill or task themselves.

The essence of the classes is that guests learn proper cookery skills in nice surroundings, have fun whilst they are doing so, feel they have achieved their goals and that they would like to come back for more!

Skill Levels - We recommend our classes based on skill ratings of 1 - 5 (basic to confident & knowledgeable) The ‘Cookery Basics’ classes are intended for beginners but the other classes generally suit a spread of abilities as shown.


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